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If you'd prefer to keep transaction private, feel free to PM me, or mail me at shin_chan_is_back@hotmail.com

- Shipping is not included in the prices, please state whether you'd like registered or not, if you don't state I'll automatically quote the most basic shipping, excluding tracking and insurance

- I ship from the Netherlands

- Paypal fees are NOT included. Apparently the amount of fees paypal absorbs, depends on the country the buyer is located in, the amount of fees added will be between the 4.0%-5.2% + €0.35 
Only paypal for those outside of the EU
I'd prefer buyers to send payment as gift, if you haven't opted for shipping with tracking.
(For those within the EU, I also exept banktransfer)

- First to ask/show interest is first in line, however if you offer a lower price and the next in line offers either the full price or gives a higher offer, the item will go to them

- If you've inquired, please let me know whether you are still interested or not, if I haven't heard from you within 24 hours, I'll go to the next person in line

- I do holds, with a 10% non-refundable deposit, also I won't hold it for longer than 10 days (I will accept a payment plan, but do inform me beforehand how and when you'll pay the next part)

- More pictures can be taken upon request also don't hesitate to ask questions, I'll try my best to answer them as correctly as I can ^^

- Clippings and flyers will be send in a envelope, which means they'll be folded, if you don't want that, I'll quote you a package price, be aware that that's much pricier compared to envelope shipping, especially if you're outside the EU


€7 each

CLAMP vol 3

If anyone's interested, I've also got one extra white mokona pawn and one extra black mokona pawn

Various series keychain/gashapon
Hakuoki - €5
Mario (x2) - €3 each
Rilakkuma - €3

Code Geass

Figures here


On the paper you can see the different kinds that I have, I've got one each of them
€2.50 each
Lelouch and Suzaku and Anya SOLD

Clearfile and Shitajiki

Left is a shitajiki - €6
Right clearfile - €7.50


Inside picture of the left one:

Inside pictures of the right one

€6.50 each notepad

Mini notepad - €5


Quite big, selling for €18

Death Note mousepad


Gakuen Alice

Gakuen Alice screen protector (underside of packaging is damaged, screen protector has been never used) - €5
Gakuen Alice Shitajiki (was told this one is hard to find) - €8
There's a screen cleaner under cellphone charms

Figures here

Gashapon/Mascot keychain

I've got 2 each of the upper 6
€2.50 each 
Only got these left:
1x France
2x Liechtenstein
1x Belarus

Kuroshitsuji, Tsubasa Chronicle, VB rose

VB Rose clearfile - €8
Tsubasa Chronicle set - according to the instruction, you can use these as a packaging bag (for example a gift or snacks), the set consist of 6 plastic bags, 6 naming stickers (the 6 squares you can see in the picture) and 6 closing stickers - €8
Kuroshitsuji bromide/postcard - €4.50

Postcards - €2 for either the left or middle one, €1.50 for Grell (got 2 of this one)

Keyrings - €4 each
Stickercard - €1
Mini notebook - €7
Get all Kuroshitsuji items for €15

Ouran High School Host club postcards (total of 4 in the set) - €2
Ouran High School Host club postcard/calendar - €0.75
VB Rose blotting paper + stickers - €3
Kyou Kara Maou mini clearfile - €4

Kyou Kara Maou

Figures here

Promo postcard - €4
Card holder (Conrad + Yuri) - €6.50
Playing cards (the big red box) - €8
2 frames (Not for sale)

All KKM items together for €20


notebooks - €2 each, both for €3


Pikachu notebook, A4 size - €4

stickers - €0.10 each (sm is €0.20, it's cheaper than the other 2 as it's a bit damaged in the corner, it's doesn't really stick anymore on that part)

stickers - €0.15 each 
All pokemon stickers, of both pictures, for €2.50

Prince of Tennis 

€0.50 each
Shishido, Yuuta and Oshitari unavailable

€0.50 each Only Kaidoh available

Fan-illustrated postcard of Shiraishi - €1


Seigaku - Kikumaru Eiji mug - €17.50


These plush are really cute <3 Their hood can be taken off, which reveals their head ^^ They are all about 18cm = 7inch and almost all of them are new with tag.

PoT plushes €7 each, KKM sheep yuuri will be €10
except the right one, as that one has a bit of damage at the eyes, it'll be €5 (clearer pictured in the right picture)
Ryoma brown dog and Atobe SOLD


1 x set of 2 stickers, Halloween themed - €3
Kaidoh Kaoru bookmark - €2.50
Kawamura Takashi keychain - €3.00

Eiji Kikumaru keychain - €4.00
Fuji Syusuke keychain - €4.00 
Eiji Kikumaru pen (? not really a pen, but more like a red-coloured pencil?) - €4.00

2 prince of tennis stickers sheets and one Shugo Chara sticker sheet
PoT - €2.50 each (Left sheet SOLD)
Shugo chara - €1.50


small tote bag, measures 24cm x 17cm - €4.50

Phonestrap - €3.00

Tokidoki plushes

€8 each

Vampire Knight (there's a sticker card in one of the pictures above)

Vampire knight - handkerchief (taken out of packaging, never used, lost the packaging) €7
Vampire Knight, random set of stickers (you'll get both small and big stickers) set of 5 pieces = €1.50

bookmarks, €0.50 each

Vampire Knight bookcover - €5

This is a calendar for the year 2007, so can't be used anymore, I displayed it as decoration in my room ^^

Craft items
I have a holder, full of supplies to make 3D cards, these are a few examples of what I have

These are what I have in the holder:
- Animals (bears, cats, deer, dolphin, ducks, flamingo, horse, koala, owl, panda, panther, parrot, penguin, sheep, tiger, zebra,
- Cartoons (trolls, elfs, dragons)
- christmas themed
- Deer
- Flowers (different kinds, don't know all their names XD)
- Japanese woman in kimono
- music notes
- small child in rabbit costume
- trump cards
- violin
Prices vary between €0.75 a sheet and €1.50 a sheet, some of my sheets have been used, but still have enough left to make another one.

Precious moments, bookmarks/cellphone charm/stickers

Precious moments bookmarks - €2.50 each
Precious Moments sticker sheet - €3
Precious Moments cellphone strap - €3
Precious Moments Magnet bookmark - €3.25
Precious Moment memo's - €3
All Precious Moments items for €11!!!

Gift bags, sailor moon stickers cards

Gift bag left - €1
Gift bag right (it's re-sealable) €1.50
Sailor moon sticker cards - €0.50 each

€3.50 each for the orange ones
€4.50 each for the other two
Get 1 orange and one of the other two for €6!!!

Memo pads

Upper 3 - €3 
Chocomint memo, all kinds of yummy memos with macarons and chocolate - €5
Chocomint strawberry memo block - €5

Random stationary
Hello Kitty pencils, set of 4 - €3
VB Rose letter set (consist of a postcard, 2 envelopes and 2 sticker seals. Opened only to see what's inside) - €3
Not sure which series this is from, it says High Score Ribbon on the envelope (stickers sheet with stickers in the form of bandages, and normal stickers) - €2
Mashimaro lineal - €1.50
Mashimaro telephone/address book - €3
Ani-com memo pad - €2.50

Bear memopad - €2
Kirarin notebook - €4

Notebook, €3 each

Upper row, stickers cards, shugo chara mobile charm -  €1.50 each
Lower row, pass case, keychain? - €2 each


The left ones can store a lipstick, others are just normal pocket mirrors
€2 e.a.

Pink Hannari tofu cellphone holder

Yaoi/BL items

If interested in all yaoi/BL items, willing to give a Very big discount :p

Saint Beast poster - €7
Junjou Romantica poster - €7

Biggest one is a Shitajiki  - €11
postcards - €4 each

Haruka Minami ones - €5 each
Other postcards - €3.50 each
Bukiyou na Silent memos - €5

Booklets €5 each, poster €6

All clearfiles, €12, €9, €7
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